Industrial specialty gases and applications for foundries

Eighty years of industry experience

We have the depth of experience needed to bring advanced industrial solutions to the foundry industry and we can help improve your productivity and metal quality.

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Related Gases

Ossigeno Ossigeno Ossigeno

Oxygen is used to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption in rotary furnaces, ladle preheaters and cupola furnaces.

Azoto Azoto Azoto

At the core of our heat-treating application, nitrogen is a non-flammable industrial gas used to rid oxidizing gases from your processes.

Idrogeno Idrogeno Idrogeno

Hydrogen is used to prevent oxidation and is the key component in the heat treating process.


We offer more than industrial gases and applications to foundries. We will work with you to optimize your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of services that help you manage your gas supply and make a better product.

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