The Other Group Companies


Companies controlled by Rivoira Group

Domolife S.r.l.

Domolife is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes medical Oxygen in cryogenic form, compressed in cylinders and dewars packages. With its expertise and infrastructure, Domolife sells electrice medical devices and medical products for both health professionals and individuals. The company also provides home oxygen therapy (OTD), and home ventilation (VDT) services, and offers ancillary and customized services for health managers and patients. 

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Dryce S.r.l.

Initially created for the distribution of dry ice, Dryce has been gradually diversifying, expanding and completing its range of products to fully satisfy customers needs, from pharmaceutical companies to laboratories, thus developing the know-how and product innovation that sets it apart in the market-place.

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GemGas S.r.l.

GemGas supplies industrial gases mainly for small and medium businesses. To give its customers more comprehensive service, GemGas has built a testing facility for high pressure cylinders (such as Oxygen, Nitrogen and Mixtures) and low pressure (Freon and Propane). The continued changes in technology and the expansion of service office

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Companies affiliated to Rivoira Group

Gas Tecnici Foligno S.r.l.

Gas Tecnici Foligno operates mainly in the industrial gases, medical gases (including homecare) and refrigerant gases markets, offering its products primarily in the regions of Umbria and Marche. The main sites that enable Gas Tecnici Foligno to ensure reliable and timely service to its customers are located in Foligno, Perugia, Orvieto and Città di Castello. 

General Gas S.r.l.

General Gas operates in the refrigeration and air conditioning markets, distributing products that stand for innovation and quality. Created for refrigerant gas distribution, General Gas has diversified, step-by-step, expanding and completing its product range and developing a know-how that has led them to become a major player in the Italian and European markets, thanks also to the decades-long partnership with Honeywell Fluorochemicals. 

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Production Companies

Rivoira holds a participation in some companies producing cryogenic liquid gases. 

Consorzio Novigas (Novi Ligure -AL-)

In addition, Rivoira holds a participation in Samac S.p.A., which is headquartered in Rome and produces Carbon Dioxide and Dry Ice.