Stove Oxygen Enrichment

Stove oxygen enrichment for metal production

Enriching profits

At Rivoira, we work with you to streamline your process. If you are using expensive, high-value fuels like natural gas or coke oven gas in your blast furnace stoves, stove oxygen enrichment (SOE) technology can minimize or even eliminate their use. And if you’re looking for higher blast temperatures, stove oxygen enrichment can also help generate higher blast temperatures, saving coke in the blast furnace.

Rivoira engineers can perform a full technical evaluation including stove simulation modeling. We then design, build and start up the spargers and flow controls required to implement SOE technology on your stove. After installation, you’ll begin noticing the benefits immediately, including the replacement of high cost fuel gas with available lower cost fuel and oxygen, higher blast temperatures, lower combustion air requirements and waste gas flow, higher stove firing rates under plugged stove conditions, and the potential for carbon dioxide emissions reduction. Let us help you save time, money and energy.