Hot Forging Inerting

Hot Forging Inerting

The HFI solution uses a protective gas distribution system specially designed to create a laminar flow of predetermined thickness: Laminar Barrier InertingTM (LBITM).

In hot steel forging processes, the presence of hot air in the heating coils gives rise to oxidation phenomena, resulting in slag formation in the blanks. This makes for faster die wear, due to difficult sliding between the oxidised surface and the die. Moreover, the quality of the parts obtained may be affected due to oxide-related defects or partial die obstruction.  

Laminar Barrier InertingTM (LBITM) uses a distribution system that delivers the inerting gas according to a laminar motion, which prevents harmful turbulence phenomena that would undermine process efficacy from occurring, and maximises the effects of the gas, achieving excellent results for the flowrates used.

The LBITM system is dimensioned, designed and constructed  on the basis of existing systems and structures; hence, it is a safe, highly effective solution, which can be installed with ease.

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