Endogreen™ Technology

Endogreen™ Technology: environment-friendly gas generator

EndogreenTM does not use Nickel-based catalysts, which are carcinogenic in that they contain Nickel monoxide, a product labelled with risk phrase R49 "May cause cancer by inhalation". It uses a catalyst based on noble metal and rare earth oxides - inert agents with patented composition. The resulting activity is a hundred times that of a Nickel-based catalyst, with none of the toxicity of the latter. Catalyst regeneration is no longer necessary on account of the efficiency of the reactions.

Thanks to the patented modular construction of its reaction and cooling chamber, EndogreenTM can produce endogas blends with truly consistent composition irrespective of the overall flow generated: this is possible thanks to the speed with which the reactants pass through the catalyst, which remains the same regardless of changes in flowrate. EndogreenTM uses retorts of simple design, all identical, for simplified, lest costly maintenance operations.

Accordingly, EndogreenTM may therefore be used in conjunction with different furnaces, adapting to specific requirements without any negative effects on the atmosphere generated. The variable flowrate of the generator makes the system suitable to meet all production process needs. According to this logic,  endogas is produced in the required amounts, avoiding waste and pollution. The dew point (DP) of the gas produced is controlled by means of a λ probe, making it possible to compensate for minor changes in natural gas composition or ambient air moisture content.

Rivoira offers personalised rental services for its EndogreenTM equipment, including scheduled and extraordinary maintenance services, as well as exhausted  catalyst replacement and disposal.

On account of the high H2/H2O and CO/CO2 ratios achieved thanks to system design, heat treatments that do not require highly concentrated atmospheres can be carried out effectively and economically with prior dilution with inert gases.

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