Steeling the lead

Today, over 75% of the world’s stainless steel is made using the SANSOJET® AR process. SANSOJET® AR provides an economical way to produce stainless steel with a minimal loss of precious elements. It is part of a duplex process in which scrap or virgin raw materials are first melted in an electric arc furnace (EAF) or induction furnace. The molten metal is then decarburized and refined in a special SANSOJET® AR vessel to less than 0.05% carbon. The key feature in the SANSOJET® AR vessel is that oxygen for decarburization is mixed with argon or nitrogen inert gases and injected through submerged tuyeres. This argon dilution minimizes unwanted oxidation of precious elements contained in specialty steels, such as chromium.

SANSOJET® AR is widely used for the production of stainless steels and specialty alloys such as silicon steels, tool steels, nickel-base alloys and cobalt-base alloys. The process is so popular because it combines higher metallic yields with lower material costs. Other benefits include pinpoint accuracy in chemistry control down to 0.01% carbon and lower, rapid desulfurization to less than 0.001%, and lead removal to less than 0.001%. When the end result is a cleaner metal coupled with increased productivity, it’s no wonder why SANSOJET® AR is at the heart of the stainless steel industry.

SANSOJET® AR System Upgrades

Want to modernize and upgrade the functionality of your old SANSOJET® AR system cost-effectively? Rivoira can review your system and design an upgrade using:

  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix or Siemens S7-400 PLCs
  • Current generation HP DL360 Server
  • Running on Microsoft Server 2012 R2.


The system will be tailored to match your current operation with added features found only on the new systems.

Have a more recent SANSOJET® AR IRS System, but need the server upgraded? Rivoira can quote a server-only option for these systems. The new server will be a current generation HP DL360 Server running Microsoft Server 2012 R2. The current SANSOJET® AR IRS applications will be updated to run on the new server.