Metal Production


Strengthening your process

As the preeminent outsourced gas supplier to the metal production industry, we are proud to supply hundreds of steel and non-ferrous mills worldwide with industrial gases that help skyscrapers soar, trains run, and ships sail. Our industrial gases are used extensively in metal production to lower cost, improve energy efficiency, deliver environmental benefits, and improve productivity.

But our relationship with our customers goes much deeper than just industrial supply. We offer a wide range of services that include the design, build, start-up and support of applications equipment. And we provide everything from cylinders to on-site systems to integrated mills, mini mills, steel mills, foundries and non-ferrous mills for combustion processes. When you get all of your solutions from one industrial gas supplier, you have the time and the freedom to focus to on your business.

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Over 75% of the world’s stainless steel is made with SANSOJET® AR process. Lower your material costs, produce cleaner metals and increase productivity with SANSOJET® AR.

Direct Oxygen Injection

Used in foundries, mini mills and stainless steel mills, SANSOJET® CJ gas injection and Supersonic direct injection processes lower costs and improve furnace productivity.

Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion

Our Dilute Oxygen Combustion system helps convert your furnace air-fuel burners into oxy-fuel burners — increasing productivity, and decreasing fuel consumption, operating costs and emissions.

Heat Treating

From annealing and brazing to sintering and carburizing, our nitrogen and hydrogen-based heat-treating processes are low in cost, high in productivity, and help your operators precisely meet specifications.

Endogreen™ Technology

EndogreenTM is an innovative endogas generator in that, among the specific features described below, it uses a Nickel-free, environment-friendly catalyst. 
The endogas mixture lends itself to a wide range of heat treatments, including casehardening,  carbonitriding, tempering/quenching, sintering and, more generally, a variety of treatments requiring Carbon potential in equilibrium with the steel being processes. 

Direct Injection™

The Direct InjectionTM technology (hereinafter, D.I.TM) is for use in bright annealing heat treatment processes.
D.I.TM consists of a high-efficiency catalytic atmosphere generator using air and a hydrocarbon, normally a natural gas.

Hot Oxygen Technology

Our hot oxygen system rapidly burns hard to combust materials and easily preheats oxygen to high temperatures at point of use.


Many manufacturing processes involving steel and other metal alloys are adversely affected by contact with the oxygen present in ambient air.

To prevent this from occurring, Rivoira has developed two systems for the creation of virtually oxygen-free protective atmospheres even in open environments, with a view to doing away with oxidising processes:

HFI (Hot Forging Inerting) and NHP (Nitrogen Hot Pressing).


Our newest technology, the DILUJET® F is full of features that increase energy efficiency and productivity. A remote controlled operation allows the direction of flame at cold scrap and accelerating meltdown in the furnace. Heating efficiency and effectiveness is programmed to move from cold spot to cold spot on both horizontal and vertical planes. Reliability is always-on, the result of solid state (no moving parts) design that maximized your uptime and minimizes your cost.

Stove Oxygen Enrichment

Generate higher blast temperatures without burning more fuel. With our Stove Oxygen Enrichment application, we can help you reduce or potentially eliminate the need for fuels like coke oven gas and natural gas.


We do more than provide industrial gases, technologies and applications to the metal production industry. We will help you optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply and help you make a better product.