OPTIMELT Thermochemical Regenerator System

Thermochemical Regenerator System for Glass Manufacturing & Production

Maximize energy efficiency for the ultimate melt

Increase the energy efficiency of your glass furnace.  Reduce operating expenses compared to conventionally fueled furnaces.  Do that and more with OPTIMELTTM Thermochemical Regenerator system.  This system recovers waste energy stored in regenerator checkers by preheating fuel and endothermically reacting the fuel with the carbon dioxide and water in recycled flue gas. The result is conversion of fuel to hot syngas – which means you'll need 20% to 30% less fuel to melt your glass, compared to oxy-fuel and air-fuel glass furnaces. 

What’s more, the OPTIMELT system delivers these results by using only 33% of the checker volume typically required for lower-performing systems. The OPTIMELT system includes regenerators, flue gas recirculation equipment, ducting to the regenerators, blowers, oxygen injectors, and a proprietary control system.