Features of Ammonia

Ammonia, NH3, is a toxic and corrosive gas.

Physical and chemical properties

Physical state: Liquefied gas
Molecular weight: 17 g/mol
Smell: of Ammonia
Appearance/color: colorless


Ammonia is used:

  • in calibration mixtures for environmental monitoring;
  • in the manufacture of semiconductors, for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of silicon nitride (Si3N4);
  • as refrigerant fluid;
  • as raw material for the production of nitric acid;
  • as nitrating agent in heat treatments;
  • as reagent/solvent in some chemical/pharmaceutical syntheses.


Stability and reactivity

It can reacts violently with oxidants.
It can reacts violently with alkali.
It reacts with water to form corrosive acids.
It can form explosive mixtures with the air.