Features of Chlorine

Chlorine, CI2, is a toxic and corrosive gas.

Physical and chemical properties

Physical state: Liquefied gas
Molecular weight: 81 g/mol
Smell: Pungent
Appearance/color: Greenish gas


Chlorine is used:

  • for the production of polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) and other various organic products (such as solvents, pesticides, herbicides, refrigerants);
  • in inorganic synthesis reactions, for titanium dioxide production and aluminium purification;
  • for paper bleaching, even if more and more replaced by oxygen and ozone;
  • in the electronic industry, for surface cleaning;
  • in water treatment, for mineral water purification and the disinfection of bathing waters.

Stability and reactivity

It reacts with water to form corrosive acids.
It can reacts violently with alkali.
Combined with water, it causes rapid corrosion of some metals.
It violently oxidizes the organic materials.