Disposable Cylinders

Portagreen Line

The PortaGreen line was designed, developed and dedicated to the packaging of theportagreen widest range of calibration mixtures for analytical systems and

gas detection on the market, standing out for:

  • INNOVATION: designed to meet the market’s needs, differentiates from the competition in terms of application, technical performance and ease of use.
  • QUALITY AND EFFICTIVENESS: quality and effectiveness of the highly-automatized and certified production process, the output quality-control and the innovative distribution system.
  • LEAD TIME: delivery time among the most competitive of the market, thanks to the global logistic system  and the on-line portal which ensures the utmost transparency and traceability of the orders state of progress.

disposable cylinders

Disposable Line

The disposable cylinders are the right solution where is needed, for small amount of gas and, cylindersat the same time, it is important to have the guarantee purity of the output or the accuracy of the certification of a mixture.

In fact, the disposable cylinders meet all needs availability of certified mixtures of pure gases, without regulatory restrictions, safety and the problems of manipulation linked to the traditional high-pressure cylinders. The disposable cylinders are extremely light and constructed with materials that preserve the quality of the content gas. The aluminium which is built the cylinder body eliminates the possibility superficial interactions while the valve and o-ring prevents any contamination by pollutants external, ensuring compliance.


They are particularly suitable in the security field monitoring environmental and laboratories.

  • Verification of individual safety devices and monitoring of the work environment explosimeters, toxic gas detector, oximeters, etc.
  • Calibration of the gas analyzers for atmosphere control in confined places.
  • Calibration of the analyzers VOC.
  • Calibration of the analyzers of gaseous streams in issue.
  • Fluorescent lamps.
  • Zero gas.
  • Span test.
  • Research and development.