The MIRUGAS® Cryogenic Monitoring System

You rely on portable, pressurized cryogenic liquid dewars to supply liquid or gaseous nitrogen, monitoring systemargon, and carbon dioxide to your lab. The float gauges traditionally found on these dewars are prone to inaccuracy or failure, leaving users uncertain about how much liquid is available to supply their applications. To avoid untimely product outage, many labs return dewars with as much as 20 percent unused product, wasting money and decreasing productivity.

The MIRUGAS® Cryogenic Monitoring System provides a clear digital read-out of the liquid level and pressure in your dewar and alerts you with an audio and visual alarm when your supply runs low. The capacitance-based measurement of the MIRUGAS® system provides a leap forward in reliability and accuracy versus conventional float gauges.

The MIRUGAS® system comes equipped on ProSpec™ cryogenic dewars – high quality liquid packages dedicated to laboratory applications and optimized for either low (liquid) or high (gas) pressure service. The reliable ProSpec dewar, combined with the MIRUGAS® system’s accurate level and pressure reporting, allows you to stay focused on your work, avoiding process interruptions from product outages, and the waste associated with residual returns.

Features of the MIRUGAS®




Easy-to-read, digital liquid level and pressure indicator

  • Always know the supply level and pressure in your dewar

  • Reduce the risk of product outage

  • Minimize return of unused liquid

Adjustable low and critically low level alarms

  • Customize alert levels to your application and operations

  • Enhance security against product outage

Audible and visual alarm indicators

  • Recognize alarm condition through two different modes of alert

Dedicated low or high pressure service

  • Select dewars with pressure adjustment system suited to your application

  • Minimize product losses from safety relief valve venting during liquid service