Cryogenic gases storage and transport tanks

cryogenic tanks for storage and transport

When there is an increase in laboratory cryogenic gas consumptions and especially in the points of use, there is a need for larger capacity containers, capable of delivering liquid nitrogen to directly feed the equipment that require it or to transfer nitrogen into containers of reduced capacity, directly at the customer's laboratory.
These containers must be suitable for the road transport, they should be able to dispense liquids and also, if required, to deliver gaseous phase nitrogen in order to replace the nitrogen in cylinders.

Containers for storage and transport at low pressure

XL-70 and XL-240 containers are extremely transportable and robust, specially designed cryogenic containerfor transferring low-liquid pressure. Equipped with wheels, can on request, be provided with shopping cart for handling. Built in according to TPED 99/36 CE.

Containers for storage and transport at medium pressure

The containers suitable for road transport are equipped with pressurizing circuit and cryogenic containerseconomizing valve. The reduced evaporation rate allows the storage of liquid nitrogen for long periods. They are approved for transport and provided with the Conformity Certification to the TPED 99/36 EC European Regulations.