Cryogenic Equipment

Cryogenic equipment

Rivoira has developed the expertize to design, build and implement large liquefaction plants as well as fixed and mobile containers for the cryogenic gas distribution.
We are able to provide you with turnkey solutions in order to meet your needs, starting from storage systems, vacuum transfer lines, containers for biological material preservation, cryostats for Applied Physics researches. 
Our solutions allow you to operate on a wide temperature range: from the preservation of biological material in liquid nitrogen vapor, to systems that can operate up to the lowest liquid helium temperatures. 
All the materials used are chosen to guarantee the best system performance:

  • Made of stainless steel or aluminum according to the intended use.
  • Insulation made with specific materials in order to ensure a high thermal efficiency.
  • Production technologies able to maintain a high vacuum degree.

The product reliability and performances allow you to reduce the gas consumption and have a better return on your investment.

Storage containers are intended to a static laboratory use.

Containers for storage and transport of liquefied cryogenic gas are normally used to provide laboratories where for reduced consumption or lack of adequate space it is impossible to install larger fixed tanks.

The MIRUGAS® Cryogenic Monitoring System provides a clear digital read-out of the liquid level and pressure in your dewar and alerts you with an audio and visual alarm when your supply runs low. The capacitance-based measurement of the MIRUGAS® system provides a leap forward in reliability and accuracy versus conventional float gauges.