Calibration mixtures

Calibration Mixtures

The expression “Measuring is Knowing” is the basis of every control activity, both in the cylinderindustrial field (process controls, quality control, environmental controls), and in Research and Development activities. Among the most common mixture types required by the market and prepared in the Rivoira laboratories, there are:

  • gas mixtures with corrosive and/or toxic compounds;
  • high-precision gaseous mixtures;
  • low-concentration gaseous mixtures;
  • liquid-phase mixtures;

Mixture components

In order to produce the mixtures, Rivoira uses high-purity, controlled and analyzed raw materials, for warranting the quality of the end product.

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Feasibility Limits

The production of gases mixtures involves a design phase where we consider the aspects related to:

  • the chemical-physical characteristics of the components;
  • the hazardous characteristics of the components;
  • the compatibility between the components;
  • the compatibility of the components with the materials the mixture container is made from.

Some of the limitations of mixture preparation are related to:

Gas mixtures with flammable and combustive components

Rivoira can produce mixtures containing both flammable and combustive substances in compliance with the safety measures required by international regulations. For this purpose, the mixture is designed to guarantee that it does not fall within the explosiveness range; otherwise the mixture pressure and the concentration of the components could be varied or limited.

Mixtures with condensable components

Rivoira can produce mixtures containing condensable substances that are designed to avoid condensation of components with lower vapor pressure. This is the reason why in some cases it is necessary to reduce the total pressure of the mixture. In fact, the nature and the concentration of the various components determine the pressure and the temperature at which a mixture can be subject to condensation. This is the reason why, during the design phase, the environmental conditions of use for this class of products should be known.

Mixtures with reactive components

Rivoira can produce mixtures containing reactive components, subject to evaluation, during the design phase, of the compatibility between the compounds and the materials that will be used. The chemical-physical characteristics of this type of product can influence the mixture stability, that is guaranteed by specific stability studies performed by Rivoira in accordance with international reference standards.