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We are one of the main reference points in supplying Pure and Specialty Gases, materials for their use and in creating distribution plants.
Specialty Gases are synonyms of competence and high performance.
With dedicated production lines, accredited analysis laboratories as well as comprehensive and customizable supply systems, Rivoira stands out for the target markets because it has the infrastructure needed to produce Specialty Gases at  the highest quality.

Rivoira continues to constantly increase its focus and its capacities of supplying: 

  • Pure gases up to 6.0 degree (99.99990%);
  • High-precision Specialty Mixtures for analytical instrumentation calibration;
  • Cryogenic Gases in dewar and tanks for use at low temperatures or as process fluids for the storage of biological materials;
  • Materials and centralized systems for the use of gases able to increase the instrumentation sensitivity while improving the accuracy and the reproducibility.

The Pure and Specialty Gase Line is basically aimed to: 

  • Instrumental Analysis & Calibration;
  • Scientific Research;
  • Life Science;
  • Special High-tech Processes;
  • Production Processes.

Pure gases

Nitrogen Nitrogen rollover Nitrogen

Nitrogen is commonly used in various sectors/applications, such as:  
- gas matrix to prepare calibration mixtures
process gas, e.g. for line inerting application, pressurized containers and storage tanks 
purge gas, e.g. for purging the decompression plants powered by flammable, corrosive or toxic process gases
in the cryogenic state for freezing, preservation of blood, tissues and/or other biological materials or for cooling, combined with liquid helium, in the field of magnetic resonance (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI-NMR)
for analysis, e.g. as gas carrier for gas chromatography

Argon Argon rollover Argon

Argon is used in various sectors/applications, such as: 
for analysis, Argon is the main gas used to produce plasma energy sources for atomization or ionization of the samples necessary for mass spectrometry, atomic emission and atomic absorption analyses.  It is also used as a gas carrier in gas chromatography.
- as an insulating gas it is used in double glazing units as an alternative to air
- in the electronics/semiconductor industry, argon is used to create a protective atmosphere and as a heat transfer medium for crystal growth
- as inerting agent, in alternative to nitrogen 

Methane Methane rollover Methane

Designed to meet the globally growing demand for pure methane, the current methane purification plant in operation at the Rivoira Gas of Chivasso premise is the only source of pure methane available in Europe, able to produce and certify any type of purity, up to  6.0 grade (equivalent to a purity> 99.9999%).
It is commonly used as:
- gas matrix to prepare calibration mixtures (e.g. in burner industry, etc.)
process gas for the production of synthetic diamonds (CH4 U.P.) and more generally in the electronic field
- certified fuel for the automotive sector

Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide rollover Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a key cryogenic agent in cooling, refrigeration and freezing applications. It protects the taste and texture of your food products while maintaining the proper temperature control and it is the basic ingredient for carbonated beverages. 
In solid phase it is widely used as dry ice for cooling.
In critical state it acts as an excellent solvent offering various advantages, such as: conservation of the high material permeability of a gas, reduction of extraction time compared to that of common solvents.

Hydrogen Hydrogen rollover Hydrogen

Hydrogen is commonly used in various sectors/applications, such as: 
for analysis, e.g. combined with air, to supply the flame ionization detector [FID]
- for leak detection, when mixed with nitrogen in proportions that cannot form flammable mixture 
to hydrogenate fats and oils in the food industry
in the chemical industry for the manufacture of ammonia and methanol or to hydrogenate non-edible oils for soaps, insulation, plastics, etc.. 
rocket propellant for the aerospace industry

Helium Helium rollover Helium

Helium in gaseous state is the gas carrier commonly used in gas chromatography. 
Because of its extremely low boiling point (about -269°C), liquid Helium is used to cool the magnets for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR, MRI) or it is used in cryostats for measurements and characterization of superconducting materials.



Main applications

Rivoira supplies calibration mixtures produced with high purity gases, produced according to strict safety and quality standards and using technologically advanced mixing systems.
The mixtures can be designed and prepared according to the nature of the gases, in different concentrations and with several components. 

Calibration Mixtures

Numerous applications for instrumental analysis require the use of gas mixtures in order to calibrate the equipment. Rivoira produces a wide range of mixtures, from the simplest to the most complex, designed to meet these requirements.

Mixtures Calibrated ISO 17025

The Rivoira Laboratory is also Calibration Center LAT No. 246. In addition to the mixtures on the Accreditation Table of LAT No. 246, Rivoira can supply mixtures calibrated according to ISO 17025 from other accredited laboratories of the Group.

Disposable Cylinders

Easy to handle and simple to management: these are the characteristics of the disposable cylinders developed by Rivoira for users of pure gas and mixed gases certified.

Express Mixtures

Due to Express Mixtures, Rivoira offers a fast and effective supply service. In fact, the Express represent an available and ready-deliverable stock of certified calibration mixtures.


Gas Regulators

We offer a wide range of regulators for equipments involving the use of compressed, liquefied gases as the gases mixtures or the most common process gases (flammable, corrosive, etc.).
From those of ultra-high purity and high-pressure to those of low-flow, low-pressure and special-purpose, our regulators are designed to meet your most demanding application needs.

Components for centralized systems

Rivoira designs and manufactures "turnkey" gas distribution plants based on quality and safety criteria as defined by the most advanced market standards.
The flexibility of our systems enables solutions that meet the technical specifications and requests from the  analytical instrumentation manufacturers in compliance with the most recent regulations.

Cryogenic Equipment

Rivoira distributes a complete range of products for the use of cryogenic fluids:

  • Storage and transport containers,
  • Containers for biology, cryogenic preservations and applications,
  • Rigid or flexible, as well as super-isolated transfer lines,
  • Accessories and automatic control systems
  • MIRUGAS®, Cryogenic Monitoring System

Gas Detection Systems

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we’ve developed a line of gas detection systems to detect the release of toxic gases, oxygen deficiency or enrichment, and the presence of combustible gases. Protect your personnel, workplaces and equipment by stopping potential hazards before they start.

Gas Generators

Supply all your analytical needs with Rivoira’s gas generators. With our expertise in gas delivery systems and applications, we can help you choose the right generator for your operations. Rivoira supplies generators for oxygen, nitrogen, zero air, and hydrogen.

UNI valves connection

The valves for the Rivoira gas cylinders are made according to the Italian UNI regulations in force.

Download our UNI Valve Catalogue


We do more than provide specialty gases and mixtures. We will help you optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of services that help you manage your gas supply and protect your machinery, to ultimately make your business more productive.