Refrigerant Gases


Towards the refrigeration of the future

Thanks to the long lasting partnership with Chemours™ and the main fluorinated gases productors, Rivoira has developed a deep knowledge of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Rivoira Refrigerant Gases offers a complete range of low environmental impact products and efficient technological solutions in accordance with the most recent environmental regulations.

The European F-Gas Regulation 517/2014 


Pure HFO refrigerants

HFO (hydrofluoroolefins) refrigerants are the most innovative molecules, specially developed to minimise the environmental impact without undermining system performance.

HFO blends

HFO-based mixture with low global warming potential

HFC: hydrofluorocarbons

The HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) family includes some refrigerants that have a modest greenhouse effect. Such products may be used over the next few years pursuant to European F-Gas Regulation 517/2014.

Non-fluorinated refrigerants

The use of hydrocarbons as refrigerants has increased somewhat in recent years, on account of a tendency, encouraged by the Kyoto Protocol, to use fluids with no or minimal greenhouse effect.

Reclaimed Refrigerants

The European F-Gas Regulation allows to use reclaimed refrigerant gases, promoting a circular economy of fluorinated gases. Rivoira Refrigerant Gases is able to supply reclaimed refrigerants thanks to its recovery, reclamation and disposal services. Such products are recovered, analysed and submitted to a chemical-physical process to restore their original properties. Reclaimed refrigerants can be used in all refrigeration applications until 2030 without GWP restrictions. 

Heat transfer fluids

Heat transfer fluids are used in major refrigeration plants, when the aim is to reduce the quantity of refrigerant used in the plant, or when using potentially hazardous gases (ammonia, hydrocarbons, etc.) and, for safety reasons, the circuit containing the refrigerant must be kept at some distance from the areas open to the public.

Synthetic lubricants

CrioLube™ products make for particularly effective cleaning of condensers and evaporators thanks to their stability at high temperatures and the absence of paraffin components, making for reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Cylinders for refrigerants

We use containers compliant with the most recent laws, constantly controlled to operate in full safety; each kind of cylinder offers the necessary requirements to circulate on european territory.


Recovery, disposal and reclamation

Besides the development of new products and technologies, the company’s longstanding experience ensures the necessary knowhow for a correct and responsible use of refrigerants. Refrigerants are classified as hazardous waste (EWC 140601) and hence it is absolutely prohibited to release such gases into the environment. This is the reason why refrigerants should be recovered according to the applicable regulations and then be disposed of, or reclaimed by, specialist companies.

“Refresh” Service

For the recovery of refrigerant fluid used during maintenance and subsequent system recharging operations, Rivoira Refrigerant Gases makes available to its customers ad hoc “Refresh” containers (40 litre cylinders and 800/920 litre drums), which must be returned empty.

"Ecostar" Service

With the subscription of services package “EcoStar” and “Easy EcoStar”, Rivoira Refrigerants offers its customers all-round assistance for the recovery and management of refrigerant gas:

  • preliminary chemical analysis of the gas to determine its characteristics and pollution level;
  • supply of ad hoc (Recovery Cold) cylinders;
  • cylinders collection with approved waste transport vehicles;
  • control analysis of the recovered gas.

As a function of type of refrigerant and pollution level, Rivoira will follow one of the two options in accordance with the applicable regulations:

  • delivery to an authorised reclamation centre;
  • delivery to a definitive disposal centre if the product cannot be reclaimed.