Cylinders for refrigerants


Cylinders for refrigerants

We use containers compliant with the most recent laws, constantly controlled to operate in full safety; each kind of cylinder offers the necessary requirements to circulate on european territory. We assure traceability through a unique labelling system.

All containers are easy to manage and keep track of, and the prices applied to customers include rental and dangerous goods handling and transportation costs. Rented containers may be retained for up to 270 days of the date of delivery (90 days for drums). After that, late fees are charged.


  • Construction in keeping with the European T-PED Directive.
  • Marking with test date, maximum operating pressure, and type of gas contained in the cylinder.
  • Colouring according to Standard UNI EN 1089-3.
  • Regulatory labels identifying the gas and associated risks.
  • Safety valve against overpressure.
  • Anti-filling devices, as a guarantee of gas quality.
  • Valve with double (liquid/gas) tap on larger-sized cylinders to facilitate the filling of liquid state systems with mixtures. 

Cylinder types

  • FreeCold MAC cylinders with 12.5 litre capacity. Specially designed for workshops offering car airconditioner recharge services.
  • FreeCold Boxy cylinders with 7, 12.5 and 27.2 litre capacities. Contained in cardboard boxes, these cylinders can be easily transported andstored, and prove ideal for shipments abroad.
  • LightCold cylinders with 21.6 litre capacity. Innovative, extremely light and ergonomically designed to be transported and stored with maximum ease.
  • Cylinders for rent with 12.5 and 40 litre capacities. 
  • Roll Drums for rent, with from 800 to 950-litre capacity.