Honeywell Performax™


As an option for the conversion of R-22 refrigeration system, Performax™ LT is more suitable than R-404A or R-507, due to its cooling capacity, compressor power consumption, energy exchange in the condenser, and thermostatic valve flow levels much closer to those of R-22. No component replacement is required.

Performax™ LT is also recommended for use in retrofitting low temperature refrigeration systems for foodstuff (e.g., frozen food display cases). It has a cooling capacity very similar to that of R-22, mated to an appreciable increase in energy efficiency.

For this reason, systems retrofitted with Performax™ LT ensure a reduction in energy consumption of about 10% (lower energy bills). Before the retrofit, it is very important to verify that the system can be operated at the higher temperatures (vs. R-22) that are generated with the new fluid. It is also advisable to fit new gaskets, O-rings and do at least one lubricant change using POE oil.