HFC refrigerants


The 2037/2000 European Regulation adopted on 1 January 2010, as amended by the 1005/2009 European Regulation, prohibits the sale and use for maintenance purposes of HCFC refrigerant fluids, due to their non-negligible impact on stratospheric ozone. The use of Reclaimed HCFCs (e.g. R-22) for the service of existing system is allowed as Dec 31st, 2014. Starting from Jan 1st, 2015 all the HCFCs will be phased out, and thus all the systems containing HCFCs will have to be converted to a drop-in HFC refrigerant or replaced with a new system. With the recent F-Gas (UE) Regulation n° 517/2014, the European Union has imposed though limits to the use of the F-gases with high greenhouse effect; in the next years, therefore, the higher GWP refrigerants, such as R-404A or R-507, will have to be necessarily phased down and replaced with new one with much lower greenhouse effect. Rivoira Refrigerants proposes new low GWP solutions for the retrofit of the old systems (transitional solutions) and 4th generation products (definitive solutions) such as HFOs for the new systems, with GWP close to zero.  Rivoira offers a wide range of HFC gases including StarCold line and Chemours Suva products.