HeliStar® Blends


When you want to ensure precision high quality welds in the most pressing environments, you want HeliStar™ shielding gases. These helium-enhanced blends are available in a variety of precise formulations for your GMAC, GTAW, PAW and laser welding applications.

HeliStar A-25 This blend is used for welding non-ferrous base metals when an increase in heat input is needed and weld bead appearance is of primary importance.
HeliStar A-50 This blend is used primarily for high-speed mechanized welding of non-ferrous materials less than 3/4 inches thick.
HeliStar A-75 This blend is used for mechanized welding of aluminum greater than one inch thick in the flat position. It increases heat input and reduces porosity of welds in copper.
HeliStar A1025 This blend is widely used for short-circuiting transfer welding of stainless steel in all welding positions. The carbon dioxide content is kept low to minimize carbon absorption and assure good corrosion resistance, especially in multi-pass welds. The argon and carbon dioxide additions provide good arc stability and depth of fusion. The high helium content provides significant heat input to overcome the sluggish nature of the stainless steel weld pool.
HeliStar CS This blend has been developed for spray and pulsed spray arc welding of both carbon and low-alloy steels. It can be used on all thicknesses in any position. This high-speed blend will produce higher quality welds over rust, oil and mill scale than conventional two-part mixtures. It produces good mechanical properties and weld puddle control.
HeliStar GV A specially formulated mixture of argon, helium and carbon dioxide, this blend is designed for joining a variety of coated steels. It reduces the spatter and porosity problems commonly associated with the welding of coated steels. Both galvanized and galvannealed materials can be successfully joined without the need for additional post-weld cleanup and rework.
HeliStar SS This blend is used for short arc, spray, and pulsed spray arc welding of stainless steel. It provides a higher welding speed, a broad weld with a flat crown and good color match, reduced porosity, and excellent alloy retention with good corrosion resistance.