Gas Mixtures


Adding accuracy and stability to the mix

We can offer the flexibility of supplying customized gas mixtures to the industries we serve. And with decades of experience in producing mixtures, we apply all the highest safety and quality standards to every blend we create.

Ensure precision high quality welds in the most pressing environments with Rivoira SANARC®, technologically advanced Argon-based welding gas mixtures expertly mixed with other gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Helium. Available in a variety of precise formulas, there’s a SANARC® gas to meet your MIG/MAG welding needs.

The use of SANARC® mixtures containing Helium and/or Hydrogen increases TIG welding performance both in terms of productivity and quality of the casting, with the aim of improving  the finished product.

In the food, aerospace and nuclear industries, attention is increasingly being paid to the reverse protection of welding, a practice that allows to preserve the reverse side of welding from oxidation. Rivoira, thanks to its experience, has developed a series of mixtures - based on Nitrogen or Argon with small quantities of Hydrogen - specific for different materials to be welded, thus obtaining effective results even on the most sensitive materials.

LASERSAN® gases are used to generate the beam in a wide variety of carbon dioxide lasers.
When used with a properly designed delivery system, LASERSAN® blends can help you achieve optimum laser performance, maximum operating duty cycle, and minimum maintenance costs.